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  • Dr. Bonilla is the best and clearly a perfectionist in his work. On top of that, he is willing to take the time to answer all questions and explain in detail the process involved. William U
  • Nice work, nice bedside manners.  Anonymous
  • About 14 months ago, I arrived at Bonilla Dental Arts in long-term pain upset and disappointed in not having my difficult dental and jaw problems solved. The first thing Dr. Bonilla and his staff did was to give me hope. They explained in detail what the x-rays showed and what needed to be done. He was honest and we did not have a quick fix. However, with great medical knowledge and skill—along with compassion and a desire to improve the quality of my life—my treatment to date is highly effective. Dr. Bonilla is an outstanding dental professional and a fine human being. I am sticking with him! Elizabeth J
  • This is a cheerful, relaxed office with very competent care at every level. Very client/patient focused. Anonymous
  • Excellent dental-care team. Rachel is quite patient, caring, and expert as a Dental Hygienist—she very directly and carefully explains everything concerning what is going on and the implications of the health-status of teeth, bone, gums, and such. She interacts as a genuine human, not as an overly-formal “formality,” so to speak. Jennifer is a wonderful soul, as the Office Manager/Coordinator, and helpful, cheer-full-hearted, and Dr. Bonilla is knowledgeable and also thought-full and gracious. All-round, overall, the dental/medical/office team is quite unique and splendid. A long-time friend referred me to Dr. Bonilla’s office in September when I had a dental emergency, for which I am exceedingly grateful. After 12.8 years in Northern Virginia, I have found a dentist office that is quite ideal in several respects.  VC
  • Wonderful! Michael W
  • Very friendly staff; basically no waiting time; diagnosis and treatment options very well explained. Anonymous
  • Bonilla Dental Arts is the best ever! There is never any pressure from Dr. Bonilla to get the work done! The staff at his office is great group of “down to earth” people—both caring and very professional. Dr. Bonilla is definitely worth visiting and getting work done at his office. Thanks! JoAnne I
  • Excellent attention by the entire staff; Dr. Bonilla is a fine dentist and can take care of even the more complex dental issues; the staff is friendly and very competent; the office is state-of-the-art; couldn’t be more pleased. Anonymous
  • It’s always a great experience. Even when the actual process isn’t really fun for a patient at times. He and his staff really do a great job making the whole experience as pleasant as it can be, considering. The outcome is fantastic. I love the veneers. So well-worth the trouble and expense. Anonymous
  • I always enjoy my visits with you guys. They are well done, thorough and I am greeting always so warmly. Leslie B
  • Great service, fast and timely! Love Dr. Bonilla and his staff. Yolanda S
  • Gracias al Dr. Bonilla por sus servicios. Estoy muy satisfecho con su trabajo en mi boca Miguel R
  • An overall flawless, painless experience! Anonymous
  • Doctor is great and the people there are the best. They do their best to accommodate your needs. Shirley B
  • We came to Dr. Bonilla's office after being with our previous dentist for 20 years. The office is spotless, the reception (Jennifer) is helpful and runs the front office like a well-run machine. Makeba anticipates what Dr. Bonilla needs without his asking. Dr. Bonilla is kind, the office has high-tech equipment to keep up with the changes in dentistry. I am very pleased to have found him for me and my husband. Sally D
  • I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Bonilla and his staff. They are pleasant, professional, kind, and have a sense of humor! The office is immaculate, attractive, and state-of-the-art. I am in temporary crowns now so can’t report about the end results yet, but I have gotten this far without a bit of discomfort or pain! Virginia V
  • Dr. Bonilla was recommended by my general dentist. I wish I had known him earlier. He’s everything you want a dentist to be. Mae G
  • For once, I didn’t mind having my teeth cleaned. Hardly no pain. Carl R
  • Great service! Doctor Bonilla is the best dentist I have ever met! Ana R
  • My regular visits have always been favorable, but this most recent one stood out to be one of the best. Jennifer (front desk associate) took the initiative to contact the oral surgeon’s office to coordinate my next visits to both clinics. This saves me a whole day since I drive all the way from Delaware. I appreciate this immensely. More power to Dr. Bonilla and his staff! Jhoel M
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